Justice League Artist Recreates Iconic Cover as if the Team Aged in Real-Time

Justice League, written by Keith Griffen and JM DeMatteis, features art by Maguire, who now reimagines the team if they grew older over the years.

Comic book artist Kevin Maguire recreated his iconic Justice League cover, but with one big change: the heroes have naturally aged since the title’s debut.

Maguire’s work on Justice League began in 1987 with a cover that featured members like Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Batman, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter and more. Being that 2022 marks the title’s 35th anniversary, the artist posted a new rendition of the cover to celebrate. Though the roster shown is not exactly as it initially was back in 1987, it features each character as they might appear in their golden years, all while serving as another tribute to a cover that has served as an inspiration for others before.

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This ongoing Justice League series rebranded twice across its entire run, switching to Justice League International by its seventh issue and Justice League of America after its 25th. In the reimagined cover, Maguire included some of the characters he co-created for DC Comics in the series, specifically Green Lantern G’nort and Ice, who appeared in Justice League International #10 and #12, respectively. Some of the team’s heroes have most recently appeared in The Human Targeta DC Black Label series written by Tom King with art by Greg Smallwood.

Maguire’s artwork arrives at a time when DC fans know that the Justice League is in peril. Writer Brian Michael Bendis’ time on the current Justice League series ended recently with Justice League #74, and the title only has one issue remaining. Written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Rafa Sandoval, Justice League #75 will be titled “The Death of the Justice League.”

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The upcoming issue releases on April 19, and is poised to kill off nine major heroes. DC mainstays like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are possibly on the chopping block, leaving DC’s legacy heroes — like Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jon Kent/Superman and others — as Earth’s main defenders. This new status quo will be put to the test in Dark Crisisthe latest event announced alongside tie-ins revealed in DC’s June 2022 solicitations.

The soon-ending Justice League run began in 2018 under writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Cheung. Though DC’s young heroes will be filling in after the Justice League dies, no announcement has been made giving a revamped League of any kind (Incarnate, International, America, etc.) a new series after April. Issues of the current Justice League title and Maguire’s work on the former title are available to read digitally on DC Universe Infinite, as well as in printed, collected editions available for purchase.

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