Want to Partner with the Top Data Science Companies in Mumbai? Here are Top 10

by Analytics Insight
March 19, 2022

Data science companies in Mumbai

Explore the best data science companies in Mumbai for 2022 for better working standards

Analytics, data science, and the big data industry in India are currently estimated to be Rs 17,615 crore annually (FY18) in revenues (Dataquest estimates), growing at a healthy rate of 33.5% CAGR. Of the annual inflow to the analytics industry, almost 11% can be attributed to advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and data science. A sizeable 22% can be attributed to big data. The analytics, data science, and big data industry in India are expected to grow seven times in the next seven years. It is estimated to become a Rs 1,30,000 crore industry in India by 2025. Here are the top 10 data science companies in Mumbai for 2022.

1. Open Geeks Labs

OpenGeeks Labs is focused on offering end-to-end software solutions such as web development, mobile apps development, custom software services, and UI/UX design. It has covered a lot of projects known as Experience Jesus, the H Hub, GOeureka, Solid Fit, Terox, Queen Car, and many more. These are all-powerful, flexible, mobile-friendly solutions, as per the goals, budgets, and timelines of any business.

2. NGenious Solutions, Inc.

NGenious Solutions, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing and global enterprise solutions providers to deliver technology-enabled services and solutions. It is popular for being a Microsoft Gold partner as well as a Microsoft cloud solution provider to successfully implement digital transformation strategies. It offers cloud computing, enterprise solutions, process automation, business intelligence, managed support, as well as application development with intranet solutions.

3. Exponentia.ai

Exponentia.ai is a well-known data science company with a wide range of solutions regarding data science and artificial intelligence such as data solutions, business solutions, AI solutions, and managed services. It is also popular for its unique and customized products namely unified analytics consumption platform, ONE TAP, Engagely.ai, and customer intelligence.

4. Virtuosity Consulting

Virtuosity Consulting is focused on executing digital transformation with cutting-edge technologies, as per business models. There are more than 25 million lines of code through digital engineering, digital platform, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital intelligence. It helps to develop code easily to deliver world-class technology while simplifying complicated and custom data and software integration challenges. Business intelligence solutions analyze business-centric data to drive in-depth insights to clients efficiently and effectively.

5. Polestar Solutions & Services

Polestar Solutions & Services is known for unlocking the potential of real-time data to drive innovative technology solutions with consulting and technology expertise. It offers a wide range of services such as MS Power BI, MSBI, SAS, Qlik, and many others with a long product line as well including Mashup Generator, Qlik Buzz, CFO Cockpit, Chaplin AI, Inphinity Forms, and so on.

6. Happy Minds

Happiest Minds is focused on allowing digital transformation for companies by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiencies as well as in-depth insights. The capabilities of this company cover digital solutions, infrastructure, product engineering, and security. It offers services such as digital business services, product engineering services, agile infra and security services, digital process automation, and analytics. The digital insights services are designed to deliver cutting-edge data analytics solutions, derive in-depth insights, realize digital capital, and many more.

7. HData Systems

HData Systems is known for its services focused on data science, data warehousing, data analytics, data visualization, data migration, big data implementation, predictive analytics, IoT analytics, and many more. It provides businesses to obtain in-depth insights to make effective data-driven strategies with reliable analysis. It follows a specific path—understands the objective, imports the data, explores and cleans the data, models the data, and communicates the outcomes.

8. Umbrella Infocare

Umbrella Infocare offers a wide range of cloud services including AWS data engineering and analytics to take control of real-time data efficiently and effectively. It helps to structure data to make smart decisions, transform real-time raw data into in-depth business insights, as well as visualize data for risk analysis and decision-making. It is known for providing customer-centric and leading-edge solutions for optimizing data to plan business growth with petabytes of data.

9. Clouddesign Technology Solutions

Cloud design Technology Solutions is helping in digital transformation with IT consulting and services with domain-centric solutions across all kinds of industries in the world. It has successfully delivered over 500 projects with its automation hub. The products include cloud track and RPA anywhere while being focused on ingesting relevant information out of real-time data. It develops and deploys strong AI strategies to leverage data science and drive in-depth insights for businesses.

10. Quantiphi

Quantiphi is one of the top data science companies offering solutions in AI, data, and cloud including custom AI, conversational AI, data and analytics, marketing analytics, infrastructure modernization, and many more. It helps to harness the power of real-time data with an analytics-driven approach to gain in-depth insights efficiently. It provides database migrations, data lake implementation, enterprise data warehouse modernization, analytics, and BI modernization, and managed services provider.

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