How to Prepare Your IT team for Cloud Computing Developments?

cloud computing developments

For many organizations adopting cloud computing is innovation as much as fostering cultural change.

Businesses are enthusiastically moving to cloud computing, adopting the latest technology in cloud computing, and implementing cloud environments in their infrastructure. However, a successful transition to cloud computing requires employees to be prepared for the shift and get familiar with the cloud solution they plan to use. Preparing employees for cloud computing is an important part of preparing an organization for cloud integration.

We’ve compiled four crucial steps to prepare your IT team for cloud computing developments

Inform your team of the cloud transition in advance

You can’t keep your team in the dark about moving to the latest technology in cloud computing until it’s time to move. Teams need to know that their business is moving to cloud computing and what that means for their business. You need to present a cloud deployment business case, including what cloud computing does and why it’s migrating, to educate people about why migrations occur. This gives the company time to respond to employee questions and concerns about the cloud solution they are using.

Identify who will be working with your cloud solutions

Depending on the nature of cloud computing, different teams within the company use cloud solutions. The company needs to identify the employees who will use a particular solution and the tasks they will perform using the solution. This will help you understand, who needs training in your cloud solution and the specific training you need to receive to function effectively.

Know the cloud skills your employees will need to learn

As with any new technology, employees need to learn specific skills to take advantage of the cloud computing solutions they are trying to integrate. The skills required by employees can be cloud-specific, such as Knowledge of cloud security, cloud migration, and public cloud platforms of choice. However, skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, serverless architecture, and DevOps are also valuable to employees.

Consider cloud certifications and training courses

The best way to train an employee to work in cloud computing is to make them take an external training course. These courses can be created for a particular cloud solution or provide an overview of how cloud computing works. When an employee passes the course, it indicates that they are ready to work in the latest technology in cloud computing. Most cloud providers offer their own solution certifications, but there are also some third-party cloud certifications.

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