Microsoft Chooses Exotic “Topological Qubits” as Future of Quantum Computing

Microsoft Research announced a major breakthrough in its quantum computing pursuit — the foundation for a new type of qubit, one which had never left the world of theory before… and still hasn’t. Microsoft ultimately still hasn’t produced devices based on its new qubit design but is adding credence to their feasibility with proofs produced by immense simulations within and without Microsoft’s Azure Quantum cloud infrastructure. Microsoft’s research into quantum computing focuses on a special, exotic type of qubit, topological qubits, that it has touted as its vehicle into the future of quantum since 2016.

Despite Microsoft’s investments in the field, there has been relatively little heard from the company. Moreover, Microsoft’s tech giant competitors Google and IBM and much smaller companies than Microsoft, like Riggetti Computing and IonQ, have already deployed quantum computing systems, while Microsoft hasn’t. So one might think that two-trillion-dollar Microsoft has been dragging its feet in the race towards scalable quantum computing.

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