How can I tell if my friend’s workouts are excessive?

DEAR HARRIETTE: A new friend of mine who is a fitness buff recently told me that when she was much younger, she was bulimic. She described the whole scenario of how she got caught up in this behavior when she was in college and how, eventually, she got past it.

She looks healthy today, but I do know that she is an overexerciser. She used to run, until her knees gave out. Now she bikes nearly 30 miles a day.

I am impressed by her fitness routine, but her recent revelation makes me wonder if the extreme nature of her exercise is unhealthy, too.

I do virtually no exercise, so I have no idea how to gauge whether or not she is actually healthy.

How can I support her, especially since she shared this story with me? I read once that the need to keep moving constantly can be a sign of an eating disorder.

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