‘It’s impossible for me to say whether or not he was evil’: artist Lene Berg on her killer father | art and design

Ina darkened room at the Kunsthall museum in Bergen, visitors can stretch out on a beanbag below a speaker and eavesdrop on a nine-year-old girl talking to her mother at bedtime. “Is Dad evil, Mum?” the girl’s disembodied voice asks. Bedsheets rustle with impatience as the mother fails to conclusively answer her question. “Is Dad … Read more

‘It’s artwashing’: can galleries wean themselves off Russian oligarch loot? | art and design

Ias of December in Moscow, dozens of international art world luminaries stepped out of the snow and into the vast, pristine galleries of GES-2, a new art centre. Located in a converted power station just a short walk from the Kremlin, the institution was funded by oligarch Leonid Mikhelson’s VAC Foundation. The westerners weren’t its … Read more

Ukraine’s best loved artist: ‘Once again a symbol of survival in the midst of a dictator’s war’ | art and design

ATt the 1937 International Exposition in Paris, two colossal pavilions faced each other down. One was Hitler’s Germany, crowned with a Nazi eagle. The other was Stalin’s Soviet Union, crowned with a statue of a worker and a peasant holding hands. It was a symbolic clash at a moment when right and left were fighting … Read more